Quantum Source Light Energy Healing

A powerful NEWLY remembered modality that works beyond space & time and channeled directly from spirit for energy healing, rebalancing, and deep support.


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What Makes QSLEH So Powerful?

There is no other modality like QSLEH, here's why...

Channeled directly from humanity's ethereal Guides of Light

All of this work was channeled directly by the collective group of guides that I call The Guides of Light.

Work beyond this (3D) based Reality

Most energy work is done within the confines of this energetic reality. We call this reality 3D or 3rd density. But every practitioner is trained to work multidimensionally, far beyond this reality and thus the effect is much more potent and expansive than traditional energy healing methods.

Heals through space & time

Not only do practitioners work multidimensionally but they are able to run the healing frequencies through space and time, into your past to assist in trauma healing, into your future to connect you with your most evolved self, and into your parallel reality selves which are themselves enduring their own journeys.

Works with your POWERFUL guides

A key aspect of this modality is the collaboration with YOUR personal team of light. Everyone has a group of ethereal guides by their side, and these powerful beings want to assist you. When we call them in they are able to take the energy work to levels far deeper than any practitioner working alone.

Channels the original light of Creator/Source

The frequencies we use are the original light frequencies of Source (god/creator). When Source chose to experience all and everything it began to separate itself and these first separations were a combination of light and geometry. These are the frequencies we use to support you on your healing journey.

Love and Testimonials

Hello, I'm Ixchelle

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Ixchelle, a lifelong multi-dimensional clairvoyant, seer, and energy worker. I am a mother, a teacher, and the creator/channeler of the Quantum Source Light Energy Healing Method.

I first began communicating with spirit as a small child, I've not known a time when spirit didn't speak to me. My ethereal guides have granted me access to the multi-dimensional nature of reality, space, and time.

I resonate with the term "light warrior", not as some delusion of grandeur, but as one that is in service to the light of the highest order. I (and many others) recognize the significance of this time we are living through right now, our human history is being written NOW, and we are reshaping the trajectory of humanity today.

Although I have now stepped into my power and role as a lightworker. teacher, and healer, the truth is I never set out to be a mystic, in fact, for many years I pretended that my "gifts" didn't exist. I tried my best to live a "normal" life and told no one about my abilities. However, the universe had other plans for me. Lifelong clairvoyant visions led me along a string of revelations, from one reveal to the next, until I finally understood my purpose as a healer, lightworker, and wayshower.

I think of myself as a grounded, skeptical, and practical mystic. I'm not interested in ego-centric "fluffy bunny" spirituality. Much of my work revolves around exposing truth, especially around "false light" within the spiritual community.  My work is about raising the collective vibration with an open and honest heart and sometimes that means shaking things up a bit.

But truly, my purpose is to help YOU dear one! To help you wake up to your divinity, your truth, and break the chains of programming that bind you. For you are absolutely amazing! You dear love, are meant to remember! Remember who you truly are. Remember your divinity. Remember your purpose and power. All you need is an open mind and an open heart. I'm honored to be part of your path toward sovereignty and awakening.

With love,


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