When you connect to Source-Light you connect to all of who you are, the very fabric of your consciousness, and in this way

you connect to your divine essence.

What is Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing?

1. Let's begin with the nature of our reality.

To explain Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing we must first explore the very nature of our reality.

If you are on this page then you probably already have a sense that life is more than what we can see and feel. 

Indeed there is much more to this reality. Since childhood I have been in contact with various etheric "teachers".

Their main focus has always been the nature of our reality, and this is how they have explained it to me.

"There are many universes, each with it's own Source, or as many of you call "God". This Source emerged from another universe much like a cell divides into two.

The realm into which Source moves into, your Universe, is held together by the Quantum Reality, or a plasmic soup of pure potential.

This plasmic soup is regulated by codes or directives, and they regulate what is possible and impossible within your universe. That is to say they define the nature of your reality.

You can think of Source as the consciousness driving this Universe and the Quantum Reality as the operating system in which your reality is formed.

In the beginning of your Universe there is only Source's consciousness and the infinite potential of the Quantum Reality.

Together they unify under the very first directive of Source, "I am". To declare I am is to take dominion over your individual consciousness and your reality. 

Next Source declares it's desire to experience "all and everything" thereby creating this universe as a free-will reality.

From here we see Source consciousness begin to fractalize so as to move into the necessary expansion to experience "all and everything".

And from that expansion we see the first fractals from source, the light.

2. Then there was light.

Once Source begins to fractalize it's first emanations are photonic frequency encoded within geometry (Quantum Reality).

The geometry is derived from the Quantum Reality and gives the light form and the codes needed to hold separate but linked consciousness from Source.

It is these light frequencies that we call forward to bring balance, healing, and realignment to ourselves and each person a practitioner works with.

Each light frequency is conscious, that is to say it holds separate awareness and directives.

However, because the light frequencies are so close to Source, it is also accurate to say they ARE Source.

There are an infinite amount of light frequency combinations but each practitioner completes training with 18 bases.

The aligned combination of light frequency is unique to each soul and will shift day-to-day.

We are all created from these first fractals of Source, which then go on to become creator beings, stars, planets, and individuals, they are our original codes of creation.

In other words, you ARE these light frequencies!

3. How the work is performed

The modality of QSLEH is taught to practitioners as the Guides have taught me.

A practitioner is called to a multidimensional workspace, so as to unleash the full potential of shifts and healing.

The guides have asked that each practitioner do their very best to hold the quantum heart frequency, a frequency we may describe as "love" "joy" and "bliss".

From there the practitioner will call in the highest most capable healer guides for themselves or the client.

You see each soul has a team of light with them, a team which stretches across dimensions and vibrational frequencies.

Some guides are best for day-to day (real world) support. Other guides are extremely high vibrational and work with us in bigger ways, leading our soul through the journey back to Source's frequency (we call this ascension).

When a QSLEH practitioner connects in with a client's guides, he/she calls in the most adept and high vibrational healers to come forward.

You see clarity is key, and by calling in these etheric adepts we are able to form a multidimensional team to oversee the energy work.

The practitioner will work with these guides to run light frequencies through the body, mind, and soul. This is also part of what makes this work so powerful.

4. Beyond space & time.

One of the most fascinating parts of the modality is the Guides insistence that each practitioner not limit themselves to THIS reality.

That means when we perform the energy work we work "beyond this space and time".

You might be thinking that such a thing is impossible, but remember we are all by nature multidimnensial beings. It is our natural state. And in a quantum reality all things are connected.

So the practitioner simply needs to hold the directive to run the energy through your past, your present, your future, and your parallel aspects.

Yes, we all have parallel aspects and they need light too!

By taking this work quantum we are able to bring aligned light and support to anything a person may need help with.

I have had clients come to me with everything from trauma issues, to unfriendly attachments, to health concerns, and more.

Some clients are looking for attunement, others simply an energetic boost.

Others are seeking energetic support for physical concerns.

There is no right or wrong way to receive this receive life force energy.

5. Clearing & Shielding

You may have noticed that I mentioned energetic "attachments" in the last section. By this I mean entities that, for any umber of reasons, will attach to an individual.

There are many spiritual teachers who dismiss the idea of negative entities, or as we call them service-to-self polarized entities. Others claim as long as you don't think of them you'll be fine. And some teachers will say you can simply wish them away.

It is my experience that these teachings are extremely dangerous and toxic.

Ignorance of this topic will not shield anyone from unfriendly energies and to the contrary, they tend to invite them in.

Part of my journey has been to help people understand the nature of this reality and that includes an understanding that at this level of reality, some call 3D or third density, there is significant duality.

Remember that Source wished to experience "all and everything", that must include all spectrums of consciousness. 

Indeed some consciousness strictures, you may call them spirit, are negatively polarized. They operate for their own gain, their own selfish motives, and they can wreak havoc on unsuspecting individuals.

Just as we have questionable people who will harm other in this real-life reality, there are also negative spirit entities which can harm and drain individuals.

I like to compare shielding to locking your doors. It is not done from a place of fear, but rather an awareness of your environment and all the ways that people present. Energy work is no different.

Clearing is necessary to ensure nothing energetically harmful remains after a session. If a client has something to be cleared it will be.

All QSLEH practitioners are trained to shield their energy and the clients while performing the work and to powerfully clear their own energy, the space's energy, and the clients before, during, and after the work.

If your energy worker, medium, or practitioner does not do this level of clearing you may find yourself worse off than when you began.

Whether you work with me, one of our practitioners, or someone else please ask what if any clearing they perform.

I have had to rectify and clear far too many client's who have picked up harmful entities from other energy work and spaces.

6. Integration

Each session is unique, as is each practitioner. Every QSLEH practitioner has their own beautiful gifts and frequency that they impart on the session.

But the constant of receiving aligned, multidimensional, high vibrational energy work will always be there.

But there is one more factor to consider, you the divine client.

By booking a session you are saying to the universe, yes, I welcome this modality and remembrance into my field!

I say remembrance because this method of healing and overlighting is available to us all.

Some part of your soul will recognize it and embrace it. IF you are unable to set your mind's doubts aside then your consciousness will also reciprocate the frequency. But belief is not necessary to receive the gifts.

However, if the client uses their free will to make choices that are misaligned for your highest good, or that reconnect you to entities that ere just cleared this work cannot override your free will.

Free will is a universal law that cannot be trampled upon, so please be aware this work is at it's most powerful when YOU open yourself to the magic and use care in your subsequent choices, thoughts, and actions.

Every client integrates this work uniquely, some are energized, others are called to rest, both are very normal.

I ask each client to listen to their body and needs are follow what feels most aligned.

It is also very appropriate to be well hydrated during and after a session as water is a powerful conductor of physical energy. Mineralized water from clean (non-toxic) source is best. This is as easy as reverse osmosis water with a few drops of trace minerals or a sprinkle of celtic salt.

A little bit of sunshine is also aligned as the sunlight activates so many processes within the body and holds an incredible amounts of materialized photonic frequency. Remember to get the right amount of sunlight for your body. You should never be out so long that your skin burns.

An lastly time in nature is very aligned. At a minimum try to get your bare feet on grass or touch a tree for a few minutes. When we do this there is a powerful exchange of electrons that quite literally shifts your energy. It is an incredible supportive gift for yourself before and after a session. 

Remember, your integration will be as unique as you are!

Love and Testimonials

Ixchelle is a beautiful soul and has a lovely warm presence. I could feel the energy of her words shifting and transforming my energy. She brought clarity to something I had been struggling with for awhile. How to clearly ask the universe for what I want, the key is to feel like it's already done! I would totally recommend Ixchelle. Thank you so much for our session.

Laura B.

This is amazing! You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for holding space, healing and bringing forth such wonderful messages. I have to read this many times, as I am sure I will receive something different every time. It’s so good to know we are not alone during this intense time on earth. 

Krystin L.

Ixchelle is a powerful seer, who operates with impeccable integrity and gentle compassion. Her voice itself carries energetic healing as she shares wisdom from Source. She is a divine channel honoring the vastness of you-and she is able to hold space for your shadow-loving both."

Christine Pensa

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