Meet the Certified Practitioners

Meet the beautiful souls who have trained with me personally and bring their own brilliant gifts and abilities.

Certified Quantum Source-Light Practitioners

Aubrey Akana

Aloha! Born and raised on ‘Oahu, Hawai’i, I come from a long line of indigenous warriors and healers, both generationally and energetically. QSLEH is an empowering modality that clears dark energies (not of the Light) and allows Source-Light frequencies or personalities of the Light, to overlight and communicate to you/us, thus igniting the remembering of the truth of you. I love that it formally introduces us to your most benevolent light team, your higher self, and your human while being fully protected. I love that this kind of healing expands and ripples through space and time, parallel timelines, and ancestral lineages. I love co-creating with our light teams and calling in the highest and greatest good for you and all with harm to none. Wielding energy for me feels graceful and natural, as I prefer the freedom to distantly heal with a follow-up keepsake report of your energy healing session as a foundational offering.

My strengths are clearing heavy dark energies, co-creating with the land and ocean (aka mama earth), channeling benevolent messages, and embodying your energies physically before each session. Clairvoyantly connected to see, to know, and to feel the unveiling layers of You. It's quite an adventure.

I am in my joy as a mama bear of four keiki and married to my love and balancer in my life. Operating from my heart center allows me perspective, growth, compassion, and protection. I hold certification in QSLEH and Reiki. My sacred self-care kit at the moment includes sacred peace, playing with the kids & ‘Olena (our pup, see pic!), creating in the kitchen, connecting with my Benevolent Guides, and sleep! I love beginning each day with grounding in the morning sun and ending the same way with grounding by starlight. Such a pleasure to meet you!

Dinah Harpenau

Blessings sweet souls. I am Dinah and I live in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana where I connect deeply with the land and spend much time in the arms of our Earth Mother. I was thrown headfirst into my spiritual awakening in 2016 and it has been an ongoing process of growth and learning ever since. Although, looking back, I now see all the choice points throughout my life leading me to where I am today.
I was seeking healing from physical dis-ease in my body, emotional overwhelm, and mental distress through every conventional method and finding no success, when I decided to turn to energy healing. Little did I know I would be led down a path of sovereignty, self-discovery and self-love. Over time, I began to remember who I am. These knowings continue to unfold quite naturally and organically. Although, I read many books and studied modalities, this gnosis came from within. It has been a path of integration and embodiment with life experiences as my greatest teacher. As my energy field began to open and flow, my connection to All That Is grew in strength and with that, came divine communication. 
From my perspective, balance is the most important aspect of healing. We are after all, both human and soul living in a physical and spiritual world. We are being called to step into our power now and remember how to heal all layers of our bodies. I offer support and assistance to people with the clearing of energetic blockages, interference and overlays  that are impacting their physical, mental and emotional well-being. In my sessions you will find I have created a safe and sacred spiritual container where you will be held. Source light frequencies assist with a much needed balance and reset to our energy fields by returning us to our original, energetic blueprints and activating our highest potentials.
It is of vital importance that this be a co-creation and collaboration. This work is beneficial and life-changing when the client plays an active role in their own healing process. This is the embodiment of self-empowerment. The energy work continues long after the session is complete, especially if the client is willing to continue the work. For this reason, I also bring forward practical application methods to incorporate into everyday living. This information is brought forward intuitively and by my team of light, as well as the client’s Higher Self.
I currently offer both in person and remote sessions. If my services feel aligned with you, please feel free to reach out to me at I am also available on Instagram @forthehonorofthelight and Facebook @For the Honor of the Light Energy Healing. I very much look forward to connecting. Sending so much love to you all. 

Rajinder Atwal

Firstly, what an honour it is to be doing what I do.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and have spent the last decade learning, growing, and evolving into the person that I am today.

My journey started when I became a mum and was trying to figure out my son and why he was a little different to the other kids. This journey of understanding led me to the wonderful world of energy and energy healing, starting with EFT then leading to Reiki, the Crystalline Consciousness Frequencies and eventually to these wonderful Quantum Source Light Energies. All these have a place in my heart and in my healing work as all these have led me to where I am today.

Coaching / counselling are also big components of the work that I do. I believe that through understanding comes acceptance and many people on their journey have a need to understand the what’s, the whys and the wherefores of this wonderful world they find themselves in and the intricacies of the Universe.

My main aim is to assist my clients in releasing lifetimes of karmic baggage, dark energy and unhelpful patterns and so that they can reclaim, or at least, move towards, their sovereign self. It is truly rewarding and humbling to be able to assist a soul on their journey of reconnection to who they truly are.

You can learn more about what I do and what I offer on my website Feel free to reach out to me for more information.

Martha Eleftheriou

Hello, I am Martha Eleftheriou and I am a Women's Soul Coach and Mentor, Quantum Energy Practitioner & Reiki Master and a Registered Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about helping women of all ages discover their peace, personal fulfillment and joy through energy healing sessions, meditation and yoga classes, personal empowerment workshops, and soul life-coaching sessions and programs. I joyfully share the spiritual and transformational tools I have learned along my journey to wellness, healing, and living a meaningful and fulfilling life, within all my sessions.

I have worked with numerous women over the years of practising energy work and coaching, and the best part about what I do is witnessing my clients come to peace, clarity and fulfillment. Pure magic transpires when you surrender to spirit and allow high vibrational energy to work alongside your personal intentions and soul's journey. I have witnessed and experienced healing on various levels, personal breakthroughs, and mindset mastery. I offer heart-centered healing and personal coaching to help women expand their lives and become the very best versions of themselves!

If this is speaks to your heart, please reach out to me to book your session (live via zoom.)

Cynthia Olinga Ibáñez

I am a space holder, heart driven based in Stockholm, Sweden, although you will most probably find me in an island during wintertime, usually in Spain, as I need sunlight.

I am a yoga nidra guide, a deep rest, yoga and movement facilitator certified with over 1000 hours of training and teaching experience, a Reiki and a Quantum Source Light Energy healer practitioner.

I am a feeler and down to earth person. A dreamer too. I love mama Earth deeply, I´m a tree hugger and a warrior of light. I have a fiery energy; you will usually find me very close to the water for balancing. The sea comforts my soul.

All these feeds my energy work, I use the elements from nature and introduce sound, it may be a chime, a singing bowl, my voice, or in synch with the wind rhythm, the birds or what is present depending on from where I am doing the work as it helps riding on a higher frequency along with the heart. I usually move a lot, dance, and shake during the energy healing, although it differs from being to being and I am drawn to different elements based on the person and the now moment.

At the moment I do QSLEH from the distance, always working from the heart and particularly meticulous clearing energy and extra loving and caring during the healing part of the work.

Amanda Popko

Greetings Magical Souls I’m writing this full of LOVE and GRATITUDE to be a part of something so powerful. My name is Amanda. I currently live in Ontario, Canada. 

I always knew I was a unique soul and had a mission to help others as a Healer /Lightworker. 

 I’m passionate about animals and nature and that is what helps me to  keep my vibration high.

I have done a lot of self healing and ceremony to get to where I am today and be able to help others. I have walked through my darkness to remember that I AM Light.

 I also use plant medicine ,somatic heart meditation, Reiki (I'm also a Reiki Master)  and The Law of Attraction on my journey .Additionally, I sell crystals and make essential oil sprays and feel they are such a powerful tool to use along with energy practices.

I discovered QSLEH by booking a session with Ixchelle a few years ago and I was blown away by the reading I received and I knew I wanted to learn from her . I took her course and then added my own unique magic to it. For my sessions I always go into nature and ground my bare feet onto the earth. When I connect with your guides I ask if any animal spirit guides want to come through for messages and most times they do. It brings me SO much joy to be able to offer this practice to you to help you on your healing journey.

You can read more about me and book a session on my website

Lia de Affonseca

Instagram @liadea

Hello, I am Lia de Affonseca and I am an intuitive healer and channel of light. I have been on my own spiritual journey for over a decade, inspired by exploring ways to heal blocks is my body and in my energy field. In doing so, I have found a deep connection with energy work and how it connects us to all that is; to our choice to be human in this lifetime, each person with their unique purpose. Growth is my passion and it inspires me deeply to see others on their own unique healing journeys.

In my practice, I believe in a combination of movement, meditation and deep energy work to bring the body and spirit into balance. As a certified Quantum Source Light Energy Healing practitioner, my specialty is assisting individuals to be in greater alignment with their highest possible potential in this lifetime. I do this by clearing blocks in the energetic field around the body and by calling in high vibrational source energy to help align each individual to their intended path and any other healing or messages they may need in the moment. Every experience is unique to the being I am working with and beautiful in its own right.

I am honored to provide a space for healing to anyone seeking deeper alignment. This work is largely energetic and can be done remotely. If you feel inspired to connect, you can find me on Instagram at @liadea. I look forward to connecting with you!

I have always been fascinated with our choice to be human and by exploring and aligning with why I chose to be here in this lifetime.

Carol Hogg

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I offer distance energy healing and Psych-K sessions. 

Why energy healing?  I am passionate about helping others.  I believe my soul’s mission was to help others.  Over the years, I have studied many modalities including counselling, hypnosis and Psych-K, but I love offering energy healing for people as I have seen firsthand the benefits of this work.  

My other passion is working with limiting beliefs. I use Psych-K sessions whereby working in partnership with you, we can change limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself you can be. Think hypnosis but without the need to put someone in a trance and a much quicker process.

I will hold a safe, caring and empathetic space and will give 100% when working with you.  You can connect with me on Instagram @BeliefsWork and contact me at

Regina Cornelio

My journey has always involved interest in spirituality, metaphysics and all things mystical. Born and raised in Connecticut, I was always slightly different. As my friends were playing with Barbies, I was reading books on extra sensory perception (ESP) I would try to move objects and send messages with my mind (telekinesis and telepathy). I quickly realized that my abilities were somewhat dimmed in this 3D realm. However, starting at a young age, I was highly claircognizant (inner knowing) and clairsentient, (inner feeling). As I've gotten older, those have increased tremendously and other gifts have started coming back as well.

My passion is helping people to awaken to their true purpose in life and to step into the best version of themselves. I'm also passionate about truth and helping people live in alignment with their highest possible timeline. I love helping people transform and overcome obstacles, traumas, addictions, limited thinking, illnesses, etc. Each of my sessions naturally has some coaching involved, as I also am a sovereignty coach. 

In my energy work sessions, I focus on clearing old traumas, attachments, cords, entities and all things that no longer serve the client for their highest good. As a healer, I act as a guide to help people awaken the healer within themselves. I do my sessions over zoom and offer a written session summary emailed after the session. I incorporate sound healing and also pull an angel oracle card as a parting message at the end. 

I have studied many kinds of energy healing modalities, but this one is by far what I feel is the most impactful and effective! I also have compiled an amazing list of resources and consider myself somewhat of a "healing concierge." If there is something I myself can't help you with, I most likely know someone who can. I look forward to connecting with you!

Katri Mäkinen

In my journey through life – with stages such as healing from a chronic disease, learning to relieve and release trauma-based energies and emotions, going through burnout, and an ongoing process of spiritual awakening – I discovered that energy work is phenomenal in assisting with and accelerating one’s journey on such a healing path. Now, as a certified Quantum Source Light Energy Healing practitioner I can offer impactful energy work to aid others in their life’s journey. I feel a deep respect towards this modality and it is both my great joy and a humbling honour to be able to give this beautiful gift to others.

In my energy work sessions I place extra emphasis on energy clearing and energetic boundaries. I also draw from my understanding of e.g. the chakra system and the physical and energy bodies. Additionally, I incorporate crystals in my sessions for extra impact. I am located in Finland but offer my services worldwide, in both English and Finnish. The work is distant healing, so being in different locations or time zones doesn’t matter – the energies find their way.

I am a gentle, caring, compassionate person and strive to offer you an energy healing experience that is effective, effortless and done in a precise and professional manner. You can find me on Instagram @makinenkatri. If you resonate with who I AM and think we could be a match for exploring energy work together, please contact me there!

What is Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing?

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