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Ixchelle is a gifted human being at so many levels.
I was first drawn to her due to her groundness, her wording accuracy, and the simplicity in which she transmits and explains complex concepts and sometimes unexplainable ones. I was also drawn to her at first due to her approach to both science,  energy and mysticism, so I started reading her blog, having a frequent look at her library content,  and ended up doing the Cosmic Awakening 101 and the Energy Protection and Clearing courses. From there, I felt called to learn more from her so I embarked in the QSL practitioners course. I was blown away by Ixchelle´s teachings, not knowing what to expect and finding out a loving new way to help others to heal as I connected and healed myself.

Her ways, her emphasis on having your own discernment and agency, to take what resonates and leave the rest behind, her structured, safe approach to work with other realms and her unconditional love make me being so grateful, seen,  and honoured to have her as my teacher, as my support and as a friend.  A huge hearted teacher, human, and being. Some of the words coming to my mind when thinking about her are integrity, grounded, firm, vulnerable and yet very strong, healer, wisdom, honest, empowerment, sovereignty, gifted, loved, LOVE and pure. Thank you Ixchelle!

Cynthia O.I. // Yoga Nidra Guide &

Certified QSLEH Practitioner

Taking this course was the best decision I've ever made.' (Also, cheese trigger warning :D ) -- the connection with other course members is so supportive, loving, safe and encouraging that I couldn't imagine better support during these turbulent times. Ixchelle is such an amazing creature with her fierce, fearless and suuuuuper loving approach, not to mention her experience and hard work with the energy field. What I love the most is the totally non-judgemental guidance, always embracing, respecting, and supporting our own individual journeys. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Soili | QSLEH Practitioner

Ixchelle has created such a safe space in her community. It is a soothing and nurturing balm in a world gone mad, a healing chamber of light and unconditional love, with so many like minded souls together. Ixchelle shares her insights so generously and joyously, gifting us lessons on how to unlearn all that we have been taught about ourselves, her course is rich in content about how to embody sovereignty and about how to become our own master. It is the ultimate course to support unhooking from the programs that do not serve us and instead learn how to to plug into the ultimate Source of love and light. Hugely practical as well as philosophical, Ixchelle's course invites students to fully step into their own power and find their own way through the maze of life, while providing guidance and support along the way.

Alison | QSLEH Practitioner

Ixchelle is a beautiful soul and has a lovely warm presence. I could feel the energy of her words shifting and transforming my energy. She brought clarity to something I had been struggling with for awhile. How to clearly ask the universe for what I want, the key is to feel like it's already done! I would totally recommend Ixchelle. Thank you so much for our session.

Laura B.

This is amazing! You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for holding space, healing and bringing forth such wonderful messages. I have to read this many times, as I am sure I will receive something different every time. It’s so good to know we are not alone during this intense time on earth. 

Krystin L.

Ixchelle is a powerful seer, who operates with impeccable integrity and gentle compassion. Her voice itself carries energetic healing as she shares wisdom from Source. She is a divine channel honoring the vastness of you-and she is able to hold space for your shadow-loving both."

Christine Pensa

What Makes QSLEH So Powerful?

There is no other modality like QSLEH, here's why...

Channeled directly from humanity's ethereal Guides of Light

All of this work was channeled directly by the collective group of guides that I call The Guides of Light.

Work beyond this (3D) based Reality

Most energy work is done within the confines of this energetic reality. We call this reality 3D or 3rd density. But every practitioner is trained to work multidimensionally, far beyond this reality and thus the effect is much more potent and expansive than traditional energy healing methods.

Heals through space & time

Not only do practitioners work multidimensionally but they are able to run the healing frequencies through space and time, into your past to assist in trauma healing, into your future to connect you with your most evolved self, and into your parallel reality selves which are themselves enduring their own journeys.

Works with your POWERFUL guides

A key aspect of this modality is the collaboration with YOUR personal team of light. Everyone has a group of ethereal guides by their side, and these powerful beings want to assist you. When we call them in they are able to take the energy work to levels far deeper than any practitioner working alone.

Channels the original light of Creator/Source

The frequencies we use are the original light frequencies of Source (god/creator). When Source chose to experience all and everything it began to separate itself and these first separations were a combination of light and geometry. These are the frequencies we use to support you on your healing journey.

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